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Love or Marriage?

14 Sep

I think love and marriage are very important to life. Love is something very complicated to people, but the number one thing they need all the time. However, marriage is not needed for a person to live, but I think love is needed for a person to live their life. Marriage cannot be done if there’s no love between two people. Why would they get married if they don’t love each other? I think love is the first step to marriage, and it cannot be done without it. Love is a very special thing. Marriage required a lot of bravery to be done, because you have to be with someone you love for the rest of your life.

I agree with Lord Capulet, because I don’t think marriage is needed to be done if you don’t love somebody. Marriage isn’t just to have children. It is likely that when marriage is done at young age, when the girls don’t know anything yet, they are going to get damaged in some way later on in their lives. Later, they are going to notice that they do not love them, because they were kind of forced to marry someone they know. It’s going to be hard for the women to live their lives with a man they don’t love at, and it is going to be hard, trying to love someone they don’t really love.The others, like the nurse, thinks the purpose of marriage is just to have kids. I highly disagree on this because back then, women who had kids either got physically damaged or died. This can lead to lots of women dying, if we follow the nurse’s point of view.