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Famine 17

18 Oct

Famine 24. This was a starving challenge for students to experience the hunger of African people. It is said to be that more than 2,500 children are dying each day, not just because of hunger, but from other problems, like diseases. One of the main problem of the diseases is because Africans drink water that may not be healthy, and doing so may cause diseases like: malaria, intestinal worm infections, and dengue. To me, it is very surprising to hear that 2,500 children are dying each day because of starvation, and other diseases. That means that, approximately, the amount of people in our whole school are dying every day. This makes me feel very awestruck that huge amounts of people are dying every day on the other side of the world.

One day when I was walking by the subway, I saw a booth and they were gathering people to fund raise for children in Africa. Nobody was actually stopping by to take a lookout what they were doing. Even though I knew I should help, since I was in a hurry, I just tried to go by. The people at the booth grabbed me by my hand, and I saw how desperate they were to get money to help the children in Africa. I went to the booth, and I saw that they were helping different kinds of children: orphans, money for them to go to school, money for food, and etc. I wanted to help the orphans and fund raise the money for food because I knew that they didn’t have the things we had. And money and love are the most important things of life for a young children to continue it’s life. I stopped by and tried to help, but I was not allowed to because I was still a minor.They explained to me how 500 korean won can help 3 children in Africa for food. I then learned how the smallest donation can at least help a few children to have something to eat.
Even though we know that there are many problems, and they are very serious, but we never know the great amount of hunger the people feel, or their pain. So famine 24 was something for KIS students and teachers to feel the hunger of African children, and people.
When I had tried my famine 24, I was only able to starve for 17 hours. It was very hard to be starving for 24 hours, because during famine 24 the only thing that comes into your mind is only one thing: food.

At first, students started famine 24 just because of their curiosity. However, as time passed they got to know the importance of food. It was so hard for me to endure the pain from hunger, but I wonder how hard it is for young children to go over this more than days and days.
I think the famine 24 was a great idea because it got us to experience how African people feel for days and days. I think this will also lead to more donations to Africa.  I wish that there was a time in our lives when hunger is not a matter of worry.