JJ CATERINGS: Good or Bad?

13 Nov

In my speech and debate class today, we debated something about a familiar topic: should JJ Caterings continue to be our food service. We had to be in pairs, and got 20 minutes to think of ideas. We didn’t know whether or not we were going to be the opposition or the proposition, so we had to think about both sides. We were the proposition, and went against Chris and Danny. I knew we had a chance to win because Chris and Danny were both beginners, like me, but I had a junior as my partner. I was pretty confident.

This was my first time debating so I was really nervous about what to do, and what I’d say. I was pretty prepared for it, but I hadn’t prepared for everything. I think this was a great experience for me because it got me to know how it is to stand in front of a class and debate about a certain topic. Also, I learned the way of debating, and I actually like debating now. In that class, I’m getting more and more confident to stand in front of people and present my own ideas and thoughts.

Before the debate, I was definitely against JJ Caterings. However, since we were the proposition I had to go for JJ Caterings and like the “good things” about it. As I was presenting me and my partners’ ideas to the class, I got to think that JJ Caterings wasn’t bad after all. I actually got persuaded that JJ Caterings should continue to be our food service. The more I thought about it, JJ Caterings was doing a good job on keeping the food healthy and good for the students.

Some students say that they hate JJ Caterings, and they’d have tons of reasons why they hate it so much. I was one of those students, but if you think about it that’s not true. JJ Caterings have a diversity of menus, have surveys at the end of every year to check their food quality, and serves students with healthy food.

Diversity of menus: they have lots of menus to provide the students a range of different menus every single day. There is a Western and Korean menu, two completely different menus, and if the students don’t like that, they have another choice: the deli. In the deli they have 4 kinds of sandwiches, hotdogs, pizza, fruits, and healthy snacks, like granola bars. Even though some might say that JJ C. serves students with unhealthy foods, they don’t serve students with soda, fizzy drinks, or chips like hot cheetos. With that opinion, some might say that they sell sunchips and gatorade, well these are the healthiest snacks out there. They thought that students should have some kind of snack to eat.

Surveys: this is one of the main things JJ C. does at the end of every year, so they can improve upon students and teachers’ ideas. This survey has improved JJ C. year after year, and this is one sign that they want to be the best to serve students. Though some might say that the price is way to high, compared to other food services, JJ’s quality is much more better. Also, lunch outside of school may be cheaper, but there are lots of restaurants that offers more money than needed.

After this debate, I actually got persuaded myself, and it was a great experience for me, learning how to debate.

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