Dan Hana Self-Cake :)!

20 Nov

On Tuesday, November 16th, my friend asked me to go make a cake with her. My first response to her question was “What?” It wasn’t a frequent question people asked me. I thought it would be a really fun experience for me so I agreed to go with her the next day. When I went in to the shop of the cake making place, there were lots of people. I guess people had lots of kinds of anniversaries. Making the cake was very fun and exciting, since it was my first time decorating a cake. It was very new for me because I never actually tried to do something like this.

This was the cake I made that day! I thought it would turn out really bad, but I think this is really good compared to my experience on my “cake-making” skills. The cake first started out as the plain cake as the base, and I had to squeeze all the little things on to it. I guess it’s pretty cute, and the taste wasn’t bad at all!  It was a really good cake.

I think the Dan Hana Self-Cake is a great place for people to make cake for their loved ones, like their friends and family members, on a special day. The person getting the cake would have a great feeling, knowing the person made it for them themselves. It may be the best present from somebody they really love. I would be really happy if somebody made a cake for me, for example, on my birthday.

I think I’ll make a cake for my friends on their birthdays. 🙂

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