Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

20 Nov

The Guangzhou 2010 Asian  Games are taking place right now.

South Korea is at 2nd with 145 medals. China is in 1st place with 245 medals. In my opinion, the population of the country may be a great advantage to the country. This is because the more people there are in a country, more people good at sports are going to increase. Even though this may not be true, it’s going to have a little advantage. And this is why China may have 245 medals, at the moment, in the Asian Games. I’m not really saying that population of the countries determine the rank. Population might affect this, not just because the country has a lot of people, because out of those many people there are going to be some people that a variety of people that are talented in some ares.

However, South Korea is at second place, even though our population isn’t the 2nd biggest in Asia. I think this is a great thing for, us, Koreans because this will allow people, from over the world, to know a little more about Korea. Some people, even though there aren’t many, still think that North and South Korea are the same things. Or they think that Korea is a country like North Korea. I know this because when I was in Ukraine, some of the Ukrainian students at my school asked me lots of question about Korea. I think this is because they didn’t have a lot of opportunities to hear about the Korean peninsula.

The Asian Games will be a great opportunity for them to know a little bit about Korea, or even a lot about it. And one thing they’ll learn is that Korea is good at sports. I’m really proud of my country that we’re at 2nd place in the Asian Games 2010. Go Korea!

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