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Final exams

1 Dec

At the end of this semester, middle school and high school are going to take finals. I’ve never taken finals in my life, so this will be my first time taking it, and I don’t really know the exact concept of it. I think this applies on middle school students too. KIS, our school, goes to harsh on our students, and stress them out too much. Ever first period class, most the students are so tired, they tend to fall asleep. And during finals, these students will increase because of the amount of studying they have done the last night. I’m pretty scared about the finals because, even though it will give me a chance to raise my grade, if I do bad on it, then it will impact my grade. I’m already stressed out thinking about how to study about the finals, and actually coming to school and taking it. In my opinion, I think it’s right for teachers to give less homework before the finals week because students need time to study for it; not just in their free time. I hope students will get a good amount of sleep during the finals, and hope them good luck.