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Too much of a Good Thing

29 Jan

In people’s lives, there are many good things that can please him or her, like money, friends, or anything that makes people happy. However, not only are those the things that make people happy, but there are many important things in people lives, where it will be hard for he/she to live, like electricity, water, air, or etc. However, a little too much of something good, is not a good thing. I’ve thought about this while reading the book Sold, that I’m reading at the moment for my independent reading project.

In this book, the main character lives in Nepal, under great poverty. They get their money by farming crops, and water is the most important thing they need to grow the crops. However, they face a great drought, and almost all their crops die. About 60 days later the great drought, rain finally comes! They find happiness, however, more and more rain comes. Because of the great amount of water, all their crops gets washed away.

This may be one of the examples why a little too much of the good things may do harm. Also, a little to much of money may do harm, although it can be very beneficial to people’s lives. I’ve met a lot of people through out my life, and I’ve also met very rich friends. I’ve noticed something different about them: they were very spoiled. Although a lot of money can help people, for example, like donating money to people who need help. With money, you can to anything you want or buy anything. Rich parents, who want to do everything for thier children, can spoil the kid.

I think this applies to all aspect of life. Too much of a good thing can do great harm to people.



26 Jan

Facebook. Does this site have a benefit or does it do harm to a student. There may be many different answers to this, but most people would say, that it may be beneficial, but too much of it may do harm to the student. And I agree with this. Facebook might be helpful for students to interact with other students, and it may help them with their social life at school. However, these days students get on facebook, or other chatting services, for a very long time. This may affect students’ time management of doing his or her school work.

Facebook is very important in a students’ life in school. People ask what their homework is, how friends from far away are doing, and lots more stuff through facebook. It has taken a small part of their lives to go and check facebook, and see what’s going on with others. I bet everyone in your school has facebook, except for the ones that actually try to concentrate with their school work, and worry about their future lives. It is basically counted as, “if you don’t have facebook, then you’re a loser”, kind of thing. I guess that’s why everybody makes facebook, so they can keep track with their friends, and be “cool”.

Since everybody’s going on facebook and  chatting with their friends, this can go on forever and ever. It eventually leads them to midnight for them to realize, “Oh! I forgot to finish my homework .. I’ve got to start now.. “, and they go back to chatting and facebook. Their time management skill decreases, which is not beneficial for their school life.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

9 Jan

This break, I watched a lot of movies, but one of the good movies was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This was one part of the Chronicles of Narnia, which is a book series, which I really enjoyed reading. The first movie series that came out was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which I thought was the best movie at that time. After watching that movie, I was really waiting for another movie to come out, and it finally came out!

It was the first 3D movie for me, so I was even more excited. There was a 4D version of the movie, but it only worked in certain movie theaters. When the movie started, I thought the 3D figures will feel like it came right in front of me, for me to feel like I can grab it. However, I didn’t feel anything close to that. The screen only seemed 3D, and it wasn’t that of a big deal. I would’ve felt the same if I watched it 2D. After some time, my nose started to hurt because the 3D glasses resting on my nose had pressed down a little too hardly, and I wasn’t used to that feeling. I got a bit distracted by the pain the glasses were giving me.

The movie itself was actually very interesting. Like the other movies, I really enjoyed watching it. It was was intense, and I couldn’t take my eye off the screen for a second. Everything was very unpredictable, and I never knew what was going to pop out. The music made the overall feeling of the movie very interesting. Other people said that the movie seemed really bad, and most people didn’t like the movie at all. When I told my friend that I watched Narnia, some asked me how I watch a movie like that. Even though this may sound very funny, I thought the movie was a big moving, and I really enjoyed it. Out of 10 stars, I would give it 9.5 stars. 🙂

Is unification of the Korean Peninsula a pro or a con?

9 Jan

This was the second debate we did in speech and debate class as our final debate. I think it would be greatly beneficial for the Korean citizens, because most of them want unification, but among the benefits, there are of course a lot of cons.

First I’ll talk about the pros. North Korea has a lot of natural minerals, which would benefit, us, South Koreans. Families who have been separated during the war will be able to unite. Last year, in 2010, there was a time for the separated families to unite for a while. However, if these family members reunite, then the cost going in for the meeting of the family members are going to disappear.

The cons. Even though citizens will be happy, it will be hard for the North Koreans to adapt to our government system. However, this might not happen either. We never know if the North Korean president will let the South to let us run the government system our way. They might want to run the government with communism. This might cause further conflicts and political fights. Also, we never know how long it is going to take for the country to reunite. If we take the case of the German reunification, it took quite a long time, and the Korean Unification might take much longer. People predict that the cost of the unification will cost a lot of money. South Korea is going to have to pay for almost all of the money because North Korea isn’t at a very good position at the moment. This might cause a financial crisis in Korea.

I really want the unification of Korea, but I’m not really sure how it is going to affect the Koreans.


9 Jan

People are given a life to live, which soon ends with death. I really wonder what kind of a life I’d be living in if I wasn’t born as a human, like maybe an animal or something else. Of course, it would be a totally different life, and it wouldn’t be a very nice one either, in my opinion. Sometimes I’m very curious of how it would have been to be born as something else. Would I be as happy as I am now? Would I have been able to enjoy life as much as I do now?

Where would people go after they die? I’ve imagined a lot of things that can happen if one’s life can end. Does our life stop, like all of a sudden? Is there such thing as heaven and hell? There’s one Korean song, and it’s about a call with a dead friend. A girl talks to a dead friend, and he explains how it is above the clouds. He explains how there were a lot of dead people above the clouds, and how his body was fading away. He had to sign on a sheet of paper full of other signatures, and crossed a white bridge, leading to somewhere unknown. When he crossed the bridge, there were people who looked exactly like him. That was when the call ended. When I listened to this song, I always imagined in my head how it would actually be like above the clouds. Imagine the white bridge, and all the dead people. I listened to the song over and over again, and really thought about it. If life wasn’t something that could end at any point of time, then it would be better to enjoy life, and do whatever I’d want to do. If I could really do whatever I’d want to do, then I wouldn’t be going to school. I think I’d want to travel around the world with my family members, if I had that much money, and just live a relaxed life, without any stress.

I actually think if I would live a life like that, then I would want to study myself, without anyone forcing me to do lots of work. I think students are eager to do other things, other than studying because they are not really let to do the things they want to do. In my opinion, if students were forced to go on the internet for more than 8 hours, they’d actually want to do something else than go on the internet.