Is unification of the Korean Peninsula a pro or a con?

9 Jan

This was the second debate we did in speech and debate class as our final debate. I think it would be greatly beneficial for the Korean citizens, because most of them want unification, but among the benefits, there are of course a lot of cons.

First I’ll talk about the pros. North Korea has a lot of natural minerals, which would benefit, us, South Koreans. Families who have been separated during the war will be able to unite. Last year, in 2010, there was a time for the separated families to unite for a while. However, if these family members reunite, then the cost going in for the meeting of the family members are going to disappear.

The cons. Even though citizens will be happy, it will be hard for the North Koreans to adapt to our government system. However, this might not happen either. We never know if the North Korean president will let the South to let us run the government system our way. They might want to run the government with communism. This might cause further conflicts and political fights. Also, we never know how long it is going to take for the country to reunite. If we take the case of the German reunification, it took quite a long time, and the Korean Unification might take much longer. People predict that the cost of the unification will cost a lot of money. South Korea is going to have to pay for almost all of the money because North Korea isn’t at a very good position at the moment. This might cause a financial crisis in Korea.

I really want the unification of Korea, but I’m not really sure how it is going to affect the Koreans.


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