9 Jan

People are given a life to live, which soon ends with death. I really wonder what kind of a life I’d be living in if I wasn’t born as a human, like maybe an animal or something else. Of course, it would be a totally different life, and it wouldn’t be a very nice one either, in my opinion. Sometimes I’m very curious of how it would have been to be born as something else. Would I be as happy as I am now? Would I have been able to enjoy life as much as I do now?

Where would people go after they die? I’ve imagined a lot of things that can happen if one’s life can end. Does our life stop, like all of a sudden? Is there such thing as heaven and hell? There’s one Korean song, and it’s about a call with a dead friend. A girl talks to a dead friend, and he explains how it is above the clouds. He explains how there were a lot of dead people above the clouds, and how his body was fading away. He had to sign on a sheet of paper full of other signatures, and crossed a white bridge, leading to somewhere unknown. When he crossed the bridge, there were people who looked exactly like him. That was when the call ended. When I listened to this song, I always imagined in my head how it would actually be like above the clouds. Imagine the white bridge, and all the dead people. I listened to the song over and over again, and really thought about it. If life wasn’t something that could end at any point of time, then it would be better to enjoy life, and do whatever I’d want to do. If I could really do whatever I’d want to do, then I wouldn’t be going to school. I think I’d want to travel around the world with my family members, if I had that much money, and just live a relaxed life, without any stress.

I actually think if I would live a life like that, then I would want to study myself, without anyone forcing me to do lots of work. I think students are eager to do other things, other than studying because they are not really let to do the things they want to do. In my opinion, if students were forced to go on the internet for more than 8 hours, they’d actually want to do something else than go on the internet.


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