26 Jan

Facebook. Does this site have a benefit or does it do harm to a student. There may be many different answers to this, but most people would say, that it may be beneficial, but too much of it may do harm to the student. And I agree with this. Facebook might be helpful for students to interact with other students, and it may help them with their social life at school. However, these days students get on facebook, or other chatting services, for a very long time. This may affect students’ time management of doing his or her school work.

Facebook is very important in a students’ life in school. People ask what their homework is, how friends from far away are doing, and lots more stuff through facebook. It has taken a small part of their lives to go and check facebook, and see what’s going on with others. I bet everyone in your school has facebook, except for the ones that actually try to concentrate with their school work, and worry about their future lives. It is basically counted as, “if you don’t have facebook, then you’re a loser”, kind of thing. I guess that’s why everybody makes facebook, so they can keep track with their friends, and be “cool”.

Since everybody’s going on facebook and  chatting with their friends, this can go on forever and ever. It eventually leads them to midnight for them to realize, “Oh! I forgot to finish my homework .. I’ve got to start now.. “, and they go back to chatting and facebook. Their time management skill decreases, which is not beneficial for their school life.


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