Too much of a Good Thing

29 Jan

In people’s lives, there are many good things that can please him or her, like money, friends, or anything that makes people happy. However, not only are those the things that make people happy, but there are many important things in people lives, where it will be hard for he/she to live, like electricity, water, air, or etc. However, a little too much of something good, is not a good thing. I’ve thought about this while reading the book Sold, that I’m reading at the moment for my independent reading project.

In this book, the main character lives in Nepal, under great poverty. They get their money by farming crops, and water is the most important thing they need to grow the crops. However, they face a great drought, and almost all their crops die. About 60 days later the great drought, rain finally comes! They find happiness, however, more and more rain comes. Because of the great amount of water, all their crops gets washed away.

This may be one of the examples why a little too much of the good things may do harm. Also, a little to much of money may do harm, although it can be very beneficial to people’s lives. I’ve met a lot of people through out my life, and I’ve also met very rich friends. I’ve noticed something different about them: they were very spoiled. Although a lot of money can help people, for example, like donating money to people who need help. With money, you can to anything you want or buy anything. Rich parents, who want to do everything for thier children, can spoil the kid.

I think this applies to all aspect of life. Too much of a good thing can do great harm to people.

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