Valentines Day

13 Feb

What exactly is it? It’s a day for celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. Today people give chocolate to their loved ones, and usually it’s the time for women to give chocolate to men.
While I was shopping with my friend, I saw a group of people doing something together. They were holding red, heart-shaped balloons, and they were saying stuff about valentines day. I don’t remember what the people exactly said, but they were talking about donations on valentines day, instead of only celebrating and giving chocolate to your loved ones.
I thought about it, and thought that this would be a great idea to be put into action. Instead of giving chocolate, only to your beloved ones, you might get to share more happiness if you give chocolate to the ones who don’t have anyone to receive chocolate from, to the ones who don’t have anyone to revive love from. Or maybe you can save the money for chocolate and donate it to people who urgently need some help from people like you.

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