Varsity Soccer

22 Feb

Last week were the tryouts for both girls and boys soccer.


The girls had a very hard time during the tryout because the coaches went very hard on us, focusing on our fitness. From the first day of tryouts we ran more than 5 km, and for most of us, it was the first time running that much in their lives. And I was included in those group of people too. We just had to concentrate on our breathing and push ourselves. As days passed, tryouts got harder and harder. We ran a little more every time we ran, and the tryouts got harder.

Not really anyone got cutoff, and everybody got to be on the team. We played a scrimmage, a whole game for 80 minutes. I think the running did really help because everybody wasn’t as tired as they were before.

Yesterday was our first official practice as a team, and we ran about 6 km, maybe more. I wasn’t panting like I was the first day, even though that was the first time we ran as far. We had ran about 3 subway stations! That was a great feeling for us because we didn’t give up, and ran as a team till the end. Our soccer skills improved, and even though it was our first practice, our teamwork improved too. Every time, our teammates encourage each other, and compliment others for the good things they did. This really did build up our teamwork, and got to know each other really quickly and easily.

Next week is our first game at Osan, a military base. I’m really worried because there aren’t much Asians on the team, and they’re much taller and more fit than we are. However, soccer games aren’t about winning or losing. It’s about how hard we try, and how much fun we have during the game. I just want to enjoy and have fun at Osan, and get good memories at my first game! 🙂



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