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31 Mar

These days Japan is suffering from a natural disaster that hit them about a week ago. Many people lost their homes, family members, and lives. This must be the most tragic thing that happened worldwide, other than the 911 accident, after I was born, and actually capable of thinking of the problems. Many people have been praying for Japan, and donating money.

However, there have been “rumors” going around Korea, and a lot of people are believing that it’s true. Korea has donated a lot of money to Japan. However, people are saying that Japan is one of the countries that are very developed, and are financially supported. It is heard that the Japanese government said they don’t need any more money because they have a lot of them, but they need us to send them people so they can work with work dealing with radiation. And that Japan donated money to Taiwan, with the money we, Korea, sent them. I was so devastated when I heard this. I do know that all these may be rumors. However, just hearing these stories get me shocked. It’s not that I don’t like Japan or Japanese people, I actually like them. It’s just the attitude some Japanese people and the people in the government have on South Koreans.

They change the information on middle school textbooks, saying that Dokdo, an island possessed by South Korea, is their land. Japan actually told us that they are going to put Dokdo Island as their possession of land in the textbooks starting from next year. We’ve donated money, and sent people to help with their disaster, but do they even want Dokdo Island now? This fact got a lot of Koreans mad at Japan.

I am very sorry about what happened to Japan though. I really hope it gets recovered quickly, and not many people to get affected by the radiation.


Varsity Soccer

31 Mar

It’s been quite a while since soccer season started, and we had a few games and lots of practices. Yesterday we had our game against SIS, and we had our first victory 4:2! We were very happy that we brought success, and that we played till the end. It was a happy thing that we won because our main coaches had a family issue, so she had to go back to Canada, so she wasn’t there for us when we played the game. It was the first time our assistant coach actually coached us and had practices with us. It was very touching because although it was passed midnight where she was, she came on skype to talk to us. I could see how much our coach think about us, and how much she love us. I was about to cry when she came online, and talked to us. When I was playing, I really played for our coaches, who really think about us a lot.

During practices we still run as a team, and every time I run I get so tired. I always think about stopping and walking slowly till I catch my breathe, but when I think of walking, then it seems like I’m dragging the whole team down. It’s like I’m not the only one who’s tired, and the only one who wants to walk. So every time I think of giving up, I think of our team members, and how much running can improve our running on actual games. I’ve noticed that the running did actually help us in the games.

When we’re against aggressive and skilled teams, we have to run a lot. I, as a midfielder, have to run the most, up and down the field. And it’s like I’m always out of breathe when I’m playing the game. However, if it wasn’t for the runs we did every practice, then I wouldn’t have been able to run that much during the games, and bring success!

I think the coaches have had a great influence on myself and our whole team. Our coaches say they don’t care about winning or losing, and that’s what I think too. Games are about how hard we try, and how much success we’ve brought as a team. Just reaching our goals during the game is total success. Before I was on the team, when I played soccer games, I only thought of winning the game. When we were losing, I’d kind of give up because I had the thought that we’d lose. This brought our whole team down. However, now that I know that winning is not the important thing about games, I actually try till the end.

Tomorrow we have a game against SFS tomorrow, and I’m not going to lie that SFS is a very skilled team. However, our team is going to play till the end, and give them all we got.


I love soccer 🙂

Diet !

31 Mar


Lately I’ve seen a lot of girls who are trying to go on a diet so they can look “better”. Some are not eating at all, and not getting the nutrients their body needs. This may affect the health of growing teenagers. This has been an issue throughout society because teenagers hasn’t been eating to lose weight. Some are becoming anorexic. I think the reason teenage girls are trying to lose weight is because of the point of view teenagers have these days. Some have the point of view that if your fat, your weird, or different. Because of this “fat” girls have been getting bullied or teased by other girls in school, and have gotten a lot of stress from it. Not only is it girls that tease them, but boys tease “fat” students in their grade. I think this is a very horrible point of view of teenage students. They’re determining a person’s personality based on their appearance. Although they might not call themselves bullies, this is a type of harassment, and this might have a great effect on the actual person getting bullied. Because of this some students worldwide have gone through a lot of hardships, or even worse, committed suicide because they were just sick of being bullied.

Well, that’s the bad side of having a diet. I don’t really think teenagers need to have a diet, unless it’s affecting their health. I do get that they want to look better, because I’ve tried getting on a diet, and it is very painful to try and eat healthy. So I think teenagers shouldn’t try to diet because they should respect their appearances, and not just look at the bad point of it.

First Game !

6 Mar

I thought our first game would be against OSAN, but that game got canceled, so we had our first game against TCIS. I didn’t think I would play because I had hurt my knee, and I barely participated in some practices before the game. I knew I wasn’t going to be put in for my knee, and for the next game on Wednesday against GSIS.

The boys went first, and in the first half of the game, they scored a goal, but so did the other team. We cheered for them, but we had to go in, so we did. Maybe was is because we weren’t there, or because they had just given up, we do not know, but the other team had scored a few goals on our team. When we went out, I saw one of my friends, who was on the team, crying. I guess they’d given up, and in that short amount of time, the other team had scored on them.

Our coach told us to never give up, and play till the end of the game. Of course since it was our first game, the freshmen and the people new to the team were pretty nervous. Our captain, Elaine, had said that the TCIS team was a very aggressive team, even though they’re very friendly and nice. I got really scared because of the boy’s result and how the girls looked in that team.

However, coach just told us to play till the end, and to not give up. She said that she didn’t care about the result, because in soccer goals are there to be made, and if we put our heads down during the game and give up, then it would be worse. We should just try our best, and enjoy!

So the game started, and we did pretty well. Both teams had their chances to score, but missed. I noticed that Coach didn’t want to put me in. Before my knee was injured, I was selected as starter, but because of my knee, I couldn’t play at all in my first home game. I was pretty depressed by that fact, but I had to get over it for my team’s good and for my own good. I actually think that Coach’s choice was a good one, because my knee had to have time to rest, and my knee would’ve gotten worse by any chance.

The game ended, and we tied 0:0. Coach told us that this was the first time we tied to the team, and that she was very proud of how we played. I think we earned the result because starting from tryouts, we tried really hard to build our fitness, and skills. And our team was made up of a group of girls who really loved and enjoyed playing soccer.