First Game !

6 Mar

I thought our first game would be against OSAN, but that game got canceled, so we had our first game against TCIS. I didn’t think I would play because I had hurt my knee, and I barely participated in some practices before the game. I knew I wasn’t going to be put in for my knee, and for the next game on Wednesday against GSIS.

The boys went first, and in the first half of the game, they scored a goal, but so did the other team. We cheered for them, but we had to go in, so we did. Maybe was is because we weren’t there, or because they had just given up, we do not know, but the other team had scored a few goals on our team. When we went out, I saw one of my friends, who was on the team, crying. I guess they’d given up, and in that short amount of time, the other team had scored on them.

Our coach told us to never give up, and play till the end of the game. Of course since it was our first game, the freshmen and the people new to the team were pretty nervous. Our captain, Elaine, had said that the TCIS team was a very aggressive team, even though they’re very friendly and nice. I got really scared because of the boy’s result and how the girls looked in that team.

However, coach just told us to play till the end, and to not give up. She said that she didn’t care about the result, because in soccer goals are there to be made, and if we put our heads down during the game and give up, then it would be worse. We should just try our best, and enjoy!

So the game started, and we did pretty well. Both teams had their chances to score, but missed. I noticed that Coach didn’t want to put me in. Before my knee was injured, I was selected as starter, but because of my knee, I couldn’t play at all in my first home game. I was pretty depressed by that fact, but I had to get over it for my team’s good and for my own good. I actually think that Coach’s choice was a good one, because my knee had to have time to rest, and my knee would’ve gotten worse by any chance.

The game ended, and we tied 0:0. Coach told us that this was the first time we tied to the team, and that she was very proud of how we played. I think we earned the result because starting from tryouts, we tried really hard to build our fitness, and skills. And our team was made up of a group of girls who really loved and enjoyed playing soccer.


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