Diet !

31 Mar


Lately I’ve seen a lot of girls who are trying to go on a diet so they can look “better”. Some are not eating at all, and not getting the nutrients their body needs. This may affect the health of growing teenagers. This has been an issue throughout society because teenagers hasn’t been eating to lose weight. Some are becoming anorexic. I think the reason teenage girls are trying to lose weight is because of the point of view teenagers have these days. Some have the point of view that if your fat, your weird, or different. Because of this “fat” girls have been getting bullied or teased by other girls in school, and have gotten a lot of stress from it. Not only is it girls that tease them, but boys tease “fat” students in their grade. I think this is a very horrible point of view of teenage students. They’re determining a person’s personality based on their appearance. Although they might not call themselves bullies, this is a type of harassment, and this might have a great effect on the actual person getting bullied. Because of this some students worldwide have gone through a lot of hardships, or even worse, committed suicide because they were just sick of being bullied.

Well, that’s the bad side of having a diet. I don’t really think teenagers need to have a diet, unless it’s affecting their health. I do get that they want to look better, because I’ve tried getting on a diet, and it is very painful to try and eat healthy. So I think teenagers shouldn’t try to diet because they should respect their appearances, and not just look at the bad point of it.


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