31 Mar

These days Japan is suffering from a natural disaster that hit them about a week ago. Many people lost their homes, family members, and lives. This must be the most tragic thing that happened worldwide, other than the 911 accident, after I was born, and actually capable of thinking of the problems. Many people have been praying for Japan, and donating money.

However, there have been “rumors” going around Korea, and a lot of people are believing that it’s true. Korea has donated a lot of money to Japan. However, people are saying that Japan is one of the countries that are very developed, and are financially supported. It is heard that the Japanese government said they don’t need any more money because they have a lot of them, but they need us to send them people so they can work with work dealing with radiation. And that Japan donated money to Taiwan, with the money we, Korea, sent them. I was so devastated when I heard this. I do know that all these may be rumors. However, just hearing these stories get me shocked. It’s not that I don’t like Japan or Japanese people, I actually like them. It’s just the attitude some Japanese people and the people in the government have on South Koreans.

They change the information on middle school textbooks, saying that Dokdo, an island possessed by South Korea, is their land. Japan actually told us that they are going to put Dokdo Island as their possession of land in the textbooks starting from next year. We’ve donated money, and sent people to help with their disaster, but do they even want Dokdo Island now? This fact got a lot of Koreans mad at Japan.

I am very sorry about what happened to Japan though. I really hope it gets recovered quickly, and not many people to get affected by the radiation.


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