Rebecca Black

12 May

This 13 year old girl has been getting spotlights from people from all over the world. She is getting a lot of attention, and most of them are fairly negative ones. On her video, people left rude comments, things even threatening her life. These comments have been quite offensive to Rebecca Black. However, although people say they hate her, and she can’t sing, she has gotten over 100,000,000 views. It has been the most popular thing going around people, worldwide.

I think people don’t really hate this girl, and the song, because they’re giving so much attention to her, and they’re watching her music video. Rebecca Black has earned a lot of money through people viewing her videos, which has gotten more views than Lady Gaga’s music video. Although people say they hate her, they sing her songs, listen to it, and talk about her. I bet the majority of the people in American highschools know about Rebecca Black, or at least heard about who she is.

I don’t think people give attention to her just because they hate her. To be honest, I say that I hate Rebecca Black, she sings horribly, and that I hate her song. But actually I think this is because I get influenced on how the rest of my friends talk about her. Friendship is very important to students, and it is obvious that students are going to look at you in a quite different way if you say you life Rebecca Black. And I think that goes for students and people worldwide.

The song is auto-tuned, and she is not the best singer. However, honestly I think the song is pretty catchy, and I think that is why people sing it and watch the music video. They listen to her song over and over, and now she’s gained more than a thousand dollars. The hatred and attention towards her was a benefit toward her.

In conclusion, I think we shouldn’t just hate somebody just by how people sing or look, and not leave harsh comments.


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