Graduation is Here

29 May

This friday, KIS seniors are graduating! After long years of high school, they’re finally graduating from it. I do kind of feel jealous that they’re graduating, and leaving high school. But on the other hand, I feel sad because we’ll never actually get to see them again, unless we visit them, or plan to meet them. They must feel the way I do too: probably they’ll miss high school a lot, but would be very excited to go to college.

High school is a very important part of someone’s life, and I think it’s the time where the students go through the hardest times. And it’s the time when students get more mature, and learn a lot of lessons, and maybe some life lessons during the years of high school.

I can’t wait till the day of my graduation day, which would be 3 years later from now, because I just can’t imagine how grown up I’d be, compared to today’s me. I would feel very happy to graduate high school, and move on. But before graduating, I don’t know how I’m going to survive all the APs, and SATs, and tests, and projects I’d have to take before I actually get to graduate. I can’t believe every single one of the students in high school have gone all that hard work, and are now graduating.

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