Memorial Day

1 Jun

Tomorrow, June 6th, is Korea’s memorial day. It is a day of remembrance to all the men and women who died in military service, during the Korean war and others, for his or her country. I think tomorrow is a day for all Koreans to remember each and every one of them who died, and especially the soldiers. Not everybody would’ve wanted to fight in war, and sacrifice themselves for the country.

During the times of World War I, people didn’t actually know what went on in war. Before they went to war, soldiers were proud that they were going out for war, and thought they’d go through an adventure. And so did the people who didn’t go out to war. However, those who served in war saw the reality of people dying, and having to kill people. The ones who survived war and came back went through emotional problems, and could never get out of the pain they went through in war. People who didn’t go to war didn’t know why they were acting like that, since the soldiers did not want to talk about it. However, when they saw war happening in front of their eyes, they must’ve been awestruck. By the fact that their neighbors, friends, and family members were dying in front of their eyes.

I bet this was what happened to the Korean soldiers too, when they were fighting for their country. Most of the soldiers must’ve been teenagers, and some even my age. If I had to take a small part in helping the war, I would be very scared, and would want to run away. However, these soldiers were actually brave enough to go out, and fight for their country.

I would like to remember all the soldiers who fought in war, and all those who died serving in military service during war.


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