The Shadow behind Show Animals

2 Jun

I was on my macbook the other day, out in the living room with the TV on. I then noticed something on TV, a “documentary” on show animals. It was a program just like animal planet, but with animals that are more closely related to people, like pets, zoo animals, etc.

I was horrified with how the people treated the show animals. They were treating as if it wasn’t a living thing. There was this female monkey, and it had laid a baby. It was in the cage with the baby, but whenever it had to go training, it wouldn’t want to leave it’s baby. The animal keeper tried leaving the baby in the mother’s hands, but it wasn’t easy for it to ride a bike while holding the baby. The baby monkey had to be separated, and it seemed like the mother was doing everything it could to not get separated. It broke my heart even more that, the mother knew that when the baby grew up, it’ll have to go through the pain the mother did. If I was the mother, I would’ve done the same thing. I wouldn’t want my monkey to live in a small cage, and suffer. While practicing, if the monkeys didn’t do well, they’d get beaten every time by the animal keeper. A lot of them had scars on their face. All they were given to eat was one scoop of plain, white rice. The monkeys had to perform 6 times a day, and they barely had any time to rest.

Monkeys weren’t the only animals that were getting treated horribly. There was a zoo, famous for the tricks it’s elephants did. However, there was also a great shadow behind this. Elephants were trained from young age, which wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. Whenever they didn’t do as the keeper told, they would be stabbed with a hook-shaped metal, with sharp ends to it. The baby elephant would have scars and blood on its back.

Dolphins are also one of the famous show animals in zoos. Dolphins usually swim 40 miles a day in the wild, however, being stuck in a small tank isn’t good for them to survive. Living there is just like not dying, and enduring it. Dolphins are frequently injected with tranquilizers and medicine for the stomach, because it is unsuitable for the dolphin to live in a place like that. They rely on sound waves, but living in concrete tanks are not suitable for the dolphins. Dolphins have a great amount of activity region, and they are very smart, free and delicate animals. They shouldn’t act as clowns because of humans.

Animals go through a lot of stress when practicing, and going through great amounts of pressure every day by the keepers. And there are a lot of cases on the news where the animals have killed the keepers, world wide. Although there are keepers who love the animals, and care for them a lot. However, them just having to do tricks, and go through all the hours of practice every day may seem like they’re going through  pain and suffer. As a kid, I really enjoyed going to the zoo and watching a lot of animal shows, especially the dolphin and monkey shows. Back then I didn’t know anything about these animals, and I just had fun watching them. However, the animals themselves weren’t happy at all. But honestly, before I watched this show I didn’t have any idea of how the show animals were being treated, and before I really didn’t care about them. Now that I’ve known the reality, I feel awestruck, because I never knew animals would be treated like this. The show animals are actually located in zoos, and I thought zoos were places for the keepers to protect, and take care of the animals. Not to torture them, and get them to go through pain and let them suffer. This was really something new to me, and it makes me really feel sympathetic toward these animals.

I think the only solution to stop show animals performing, is for people to stop watching the show and stop paying for them. The more money the keeper gets, the harder the animals would have to work, and they’d have to practice more. I really wish people would get to know more about these animals, and stop going to watch the shows, because it’s just making things worse.


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