The Shadow behind Show Animals

2 Jun

I was on my macbook the other day, out in the living room with the TV on. I then noticed something on TV, a “documentary” on show animals. It was a program just like animal planet, but with animals that are more closely related to people, like pets, zoo animals, etc.

I was horrified with how the people treated the show animals. They were treating as if it wasn’t a living thing. There was this female monkey, and it had laid a baby. It was in the cage with the baby, but whenever it had to go training, it wouldn’t want to leave it’s baby. The animal keeper tried leaving the baby in the mother’s hands, but it wasn’t easy for it to ride a bike while holding the baby. The baby monkey had to be separated, and it seemed like the mother was doing everything it could to not get separated. It broke my heart even more that, the mother knew that when the baby grew up, it’ll have to go through the pain the mother did. If I was the mother, I would’ve done the same thing. I wouldn’t want my monkey to live in a small cage, and suffer. While practicing, if the monkeys didn’t do well, they’d get beaten every time by the animal keeper. A lot of them had scars on their face. All they were given to eat was one scoop of plain, white rice. The monkeys had to perform 6 times a day, and they barely had any time to rest.

Monkeys weren’t the only animals that were getting treated horribly. There was a zoo, famous for the tricks it’s elephants did. However, there was also a great shadow behind this. Elephants were trained from young age, which wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. Whenever they didn’t do as the keeper told, they would be stabbed with a hook-shaped metal, with sharp ends to it. The baby elephant would have scars and blood on its back.

Dolphins are also one of the famous show animals in zoos. Dolphins usually swim 40 miles a day in the wild, however, being stuck in a small tank isn’t good for them to survive. Living there is just like not dying, and enduring it. Dolphins are frequently injected with tranquilizers and medicine for the stomach, because it is unsuitable for the dolphin to live in a place like that. They rely on sound waves, but living in concrete tanks are not suitable for the dolphins. Dolphins have a great amount of activity region, and they are very smart, free and delicate animals. They shouldn’t act as clowns because of humans.

Animals go through a lot of stress when practicing, and going through great amounts of pressure every day by the keepers. And there are a lot of cases on the news where the animals have killed the keepers, world wide. Although there are keepers who love the animals, and care for them a lot. However, them just having to do tricks, and go through all the hours of practice every day may seem like they’re going through  pain and suffer. As a kid, I really enjoyed going to the zoo and watching a lot of animal shows, especially the dolphin and monkey shows. Back then I didn’t know anything about these animals, and I just had fun watching them. However, the animals themselves weren’t happy at all. But honestly, before I watched this show I didn’t have any idea of how the show animals were being treated, and before I really didn’t care about them. Now that I’ve known the reality, I feel awestruck, because I never knew animals would be treated like this. The show animals are actually located in zoos, and I thought zoos were places for the keepers to protect, and take care of the animals. Not to torture them, and get them to go through pain and let them suffer. This was really something new to me, and it makes me really feel sympathetic toward these animals.

I think the only solution to stop show animals performing, is for people to stop watching the show and stop paying for them. The more money the keeper gets, the harder the animals would have to work, and they’d have to practice more. I really wish people would get to know more about these animals, and stop going to watch the shows, because it’s just making things worse.


Memorial Day

1 Jun

Tomorrow, June 6th, is Korea’s memorial day. It is a day of remembrance to all the men and women who died in military service, during the Korean war and others, for his or her country. I think tomorrow is a day for all Koreans to remember each and every one of them who died, and especially the soldiers. Not everybody would’ve wanted to fight in war, and sacrifice themselves for the country.

During the times of World War I, people didn’t actually know what went on in war. Before they went to war, soldiers were proud that they were going out for war, and thought they’d go through an adventure. And so did the people who didn’t go out to war. However, those who served in war saw the reality of people dying, and having to kill people. The ones who survived war and came back went through emotional problems, and could never get out of the pain they went through in war. People who didn’t go to war didn’t know why they were acting like that, since the soldiers did not want to talk about it. However, when they saw war happening in front of their eyes, they must’ve been awestruck. By the fact that their neighbors, friends, and family members were dying in front of their eyes.

I bet this was what happened to the Korean soldiers too, when they were fighting for their country. Most of the soldiers must’ve been teenagers, and some even my age. If I had to take a small part in helping the war, I would be very scared, and would want to run away. However, these soldiers were actually brave enough to go out, and fight for their country.

I would like to remember all the soldiers who fought in war, and all those who died serving in military service during war.

Graduation is Here

29 May

This friday, KIS seniors are graduating! After long years of high school, they’re finally graduating from it. I do kind of feel jealous that they’re graduating, and leaving high school. But on the other hand, I feel sad because we’ll never actually get to see them again, unless we visit them, or plan to meet them. They must feel the way I do too: probably they’ll miss high school a lot, but would be very excited to go to college.

High school is a very important part of someone’s life, and I think it’s the time where the students go through the hardest times. And it’s the time when students get more mature, and learn a lot of lessons, and maybe some life lessons during the years of high school.

I can’t wait till the day of my graduation day, which would be 3 years later from now, because I just can’t imagine how grown up I’d be, compared to today’s me. I would feel very happy to graduate high school, and move on. But before graduating, I don’t know how I’m going to survive all the APs, and SATs, and tests, and projects I’d have to take before I actually get to graduate. I can’t believe every single one of the students in high school have gone all that hard work, and are now graduating.


17 May

Have you ever tried shark fin soup? Was it good? Do you know how fishermen get the shark’s fin, and what they do to the sharks after? I’ve learned this in bio class, all about killing sharks and finning them. It was something I never knew about, and never saw. People had been finning sharks, and they have become the most endangered things on Earth. There are many campaigns on saving some of the endangered animals, however, there are barely any to save sharks.

When people think of sharks, they think it as the most dangerous fish, or something that will eat you when you go deep into the ocean. Well, this isn’t the reality. Sharks are very shy fish, and they tend to move away from people when they see them. If they bump into you, it means that they want to know what you are, out of curiosity, not because they’re hungry and they want to eat you. This was something knew I’ve learned, because watching the movie like Jaws made me think that sharks would be very dangerous creatures. In the film, the director, or the one who goes filming the sharks, were touching the sharks and actually interacting with them. This was very shocking to me, and I thought the sharks would bite him or attack him. However, they didn’t do they, although there were about more than 5 sharks around him. So I’ve learned that they do no harm to human. People have had a prejudice amongst sharks.

In a lot of countries, people have been hunting sharks, mainly for the purpose of their fins. People have been thinking that eating sharks will make them healthier, since sharks themselves don’t get cancer and die easily. With this thought more and more people have been finding dried shark fin to eat. However, this is a false thought, and eating shark won’t make a person healthier in any way.  Also, people think shark fin soup as a image of richness, so rich people often go and eat shark fin soup. The shark fins actually have no taste in it, and it just gives the people a texture to the soup. Shark fin soup is usually made out of boiled pork or chicken, and without the shark fins, it would just be a normal soup. I’ve had shark fin soup a few times before, and I never thought about how people catch it when I was eating it. But when I was watching the movie, I thought to myself, “Never eat shark fin soup.”

The think that shocked me the most was the fact that people were killing sharks, just for their fins, and were throwing them back into water again. These sharks just sink to the bottom of the sea, and just lie there. I was awestruck by how careless they were toward the sharks.

Although shark finning is illegal in a few countries, I’m sure it is being continued, still today. I’m very concerned about sharks right now, and after watching the film I actually became more interested in them. However, thousands and thousands are dying every day, and I don’t actually know what I should do about it. I want to help save the sharks.

Rebecca Black

12 May

This 13 year old girl has been getting spotlights from people from all over the world. She is getting a lot of attention, and most of them are fairly negative ones. On her video, people left rude comments, things even threatening her life. These comments have been quite offensive to Rebecca Black. However, although people say they hate her, and she can’t sing, she has gotten over 100,000,000 views. It has been the most popular thing going around people, worldwide.

I think people don’t really hate this girl, and the song, because they’re giving so much attention to her, and they’re watching her music video. Rebecca Black has earned a lot of money through people viewing her videos, which has gotten more views than Lady Gaga’s music video. Although people say they hate her, they sing her songs, listen to it, and talk about her. I bet the majority of the people in American highschools know about Rebecca Black, or at least heard about who she is.

I don’t think people give attention to her just because they hate her. To be honest, I say that I hate Rebecca Black, she sings horribly, and that I hate her song. But actually I think this is because I get influenced on how the rest of my friends talk about her. Friendship is very important to students, and it is obvious that students are going to look at you in a quite different way if you say you life Rebecca Black. And I think that goes for students and people worldwide.

The song is auto-tuned, and she is not the best singer. However, honestly I think the song is pretty catchy, and I think that is why people sing it and watch the music video. They listen to her song over and over, and now she’s gained more than a thousand dollars. The hatred and attention towards her was a benefit toward her.

In conclusion, I think we shouldn’t just hate somebody just by how people sing or look, and not leave harsh comments.


31 Mar

These days Japan is suffering from a natural disaster that hit them about a week ago. Many people lost their homes, family members, and lives. This must be the most tragic thing that happened worldwide, other than the 911 accident, after I was born, and actually capable of thinking of the problems. Many people have been praying for Japan, and donating money.

However, there have been “rumors” going around Korea, and a lot of people are believing that it’s true. Korea has donated a lot of money to Japan. However, people are saying that Japan is one of the countries that are very developed, and are financially supported. It is heard that the Japanese government said they don’t need any more money because they have a lot of them, but they need us to send them people so they can work with work dealing with radiation. And that Japan donated money to Taiwan, with the money we, Korea, sent them. I was so devastated when I heard this. I do know that all these may be rumors. However, just hearing these stories get me shocked. It’s not that I don’t like Japan or Japanese people, I actually like them. It’s just the attitude some Japanese people and the people in the government have on South Koreans.

They change the information on middle school textbooks, saying that Dokdo, an island possessed by South Korea, is their land. Japan actually told us that they are going to put Dokdo Island as their possession of land in the textbooks starting from next year. We’ve donated money, and sent people to help with their disaster, but do they even want Dokdo Island now? This fact got a lot of Koreans mad at Japan.

I am very sorry about what happened to Japan though. I really hope it gets recovered quickly, and not many people to get affected by the radiation.

Varsity Soccer

31 Mar

It’s been quite a while since soccer season started, and we had a few games and lots of practices. Yesterday we had our game against SIS, and we had our first victory 4:2! We were very happy that we brought success, and that we played till the end. It was a happy thing that we won because our main coaches had a family issue, so she had to go back to Canada, so she wasn’t there for us when we played the game. It was the first time our assistant coach actually coached us and had practices with us. It was very touching because although it was passed midnight where she was, she came on skype to talk to us. I could see how much our coach think about us, and how much she love us. I was about to cry when she came online, and talked to us. When I was playing, I really played for our coaches, who really think about us a lot.

During practices we still run as a team, and every time I run I get so tired. I always think about stopping and walking slowly till I catch my breathe, but when I think of walking, then it seems like I’m dragging the whole team down. It’s like I’m not the only one who’s tired, and the only one who wants to walk. So every time I think of giving up, I think of our team members, and how much running can improve our running on actual games. I’ve noticed that the running did actually help us in the games.

When we’re against aggressive and skilled teams, we have to run a lot. I, as a midfielder, have to run the most, up and down the field. And it’s like I’m always out of breathe when I’m playing the game. However, if it wasn’t for the runs we did every practice, then I wouldn’t have been able to run that much during the games, and bring success!

I think the coaches have had a great influence on myself and our whole team. Our coaches say they don’t care about winning or losing, and that’s what I think too. Games are about how hard we try, and how much success we’ve brought as a team. Just reaching our goals during the game is total success. Before I was on the team, when I played soccer games, I only thought of winning the game. When we were losing, I’d kind of give up because I had the thought that we’d lose. This brought our whole team down. However, now that I know that winning is not the important thing about games, I actually try till the end.

Tomorrow we have a game against SFS tomorrow, and I’m not going to lie that SFS is a very skilled team. However, our team is going to play till the end, and give them all we got.


I love soccer 🙂